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Helping The Body of Christ Overcome
Salvation is a large part of God’s plan for Kingdom living! Through the years, our partners have made it possible for Strong Faith Bible Church and Larry Elder Ministries to touch hundreds of lives through our web-based discipleship outreach, devotions delivered worldwide, contacts made on social media, and those who visited our website for encouraging teaching and spiritual healings. Each connection is filled with a power-packed, life-altering experience.


To Larry and Helen,

I ‘m healed from head to toe. All things that were wrong are now healed. Covid is gone. Leg problems are gone. I feel better than I have in years.  God bless and we love you – Alton


Hello Larry Elder,

When I was first introduced to you on January 12, 2019, by a mutual friend, I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer that had metastasized into my bones. This disease is considered incurable with only 29% of those with the disease having an expected survival rate of five years. When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer my PSA reading was 18.65 with a Gleason score of 9 that indicates a very aggressive type of prostate cancer.


On January 12, 2019, and at your direction, I began reading the "Healing and Wholeness Scripture Part 1" that you emailed to me and, in addition, praying that the Lord rid my body of the deadly bone cancer. 


About a week after first speaking with you I had another PSA test and my reading had been reduced by 44%. My oncologist ordered a bone scan and the results indicated that I had a small amount of bone cancer at the base of my skull. To further confirm this my oncologist ordered an MRI this morning of my skull and the findings are contained in the attached report dated today.  The finding clearly states that "NO ACUTE ABNORMALITIES ARE IDENTIFIED, in other words, my bone cancer has vanished and my present PSA reading is now only 2.97 and that is considered normal. Thank you, Larry and Praise the Lord!    - Dean


To Apostle Larry and Prophet Helen,

When I went to purchase my home, I was told that I did not qualify because my credit score was too low. Since you prayed with me and showed me what to do, I have seen my credit score continue to improve and now I’m just one point from qualifying for my new home. Thank you so much for your leadership and anointed prayers, Love you both, - Robin



Dear Apostle Larry and Prophet Helen,

I posted this on Social Media last week to share with my friends- I wanted you to have a copy.

“You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways. ~Job 22-28 (AMPC)


This last week I posted on Facebook about a great loss in my heart – The loss of my son to mental illness.


Today, I watched a virtual church service with Larry and Helen Elder and it honestly was a blessing to move me through any remaining pain.  The words spoken moved deep into my heart.


“What I focus on BINDS me.”

If I keep dealing in grief (focusing on it) …. It just keeps repeating – over and over and over.

I have seen this happen to a few of my friends. And being empathic it has always hurt me deeply to feel their grief – repeated over and over – even years later.


So today, I made a declaration!!!

I gave my grief to God!

It is in the past and I am moving forward.

I have decided to put miracles in place of my past grief!

This declaration does not dishonor my son. It allows me to focus on the memories of the good times and not that hollow place that has been there since his death.


I have always prided myself in, ‘living in the now.’  And I am back at it. NOW I am walking with God.

I’m letting that JOY overtake my life.  

In the service today, it was stated, “Joy is the portal that Faith comes through.”


They also talked about the meaning of ‘Rebuking’ (It is gone- the thoughts are gone from my life) and ‘Binding’ (it is bound to you – keeps you bound-you keep it.)

So I choose to Rebuke any grief and no longer Bind myself with repeated waves of grief… instead focusing on my memories of the good man that blessed my life.  I am grateful for the peace, in my heart.


I am also grateful for the technology we have today to be able to have a Virtual Church Service – I can sit with my coffee, my cell phone and a notebook and receive life-altering revelation. ~ Diana


 “Get on the path of Joy, Set the course of your day and you will bump into Favor.” ~ Helen Elder


I want to share my spiritual testimony. Many of you have known me for years, years!! You will know how true this is and how much I have changed for the better with God, in me, in my life, leading my life and guiding me. My hope is that, if this helps, just one person, it was worth me being open and honest. You will learn, why, every Sunday, I invite you to join me at, Strong Faith Bible Church! I love all of you!

I was invited to Strong Faith Bible Church by a member I was meeting with on business. As we would meet, he would ever so often, mention the church again as we were both Christians and God always seemed to be included in our conversations. I was raised a Catholic and had never really attended a non-denominational church. My life was busy and full of choosing wrong men just to satisfy a physical desire and enjoying a lot of cocktails. Although, I do not think I ever needed an intervention, I definitely was known as a mixologist at gatherings.


One weekend, I felt, I needed to go and see what Strong Faith Bible Church was all about. I let my friend know I was planning on attending and headed out. I kid you not, the moment I walked through those doors, I felt the presence of God like I have never felt before in my life! I felt so loved, so humbled and so fulfilled. I sat a little quiet, as it was quite different from my Catholic upbringing. They were singing and dancing and praising God and it was amazing! It did not take me long to know, I wanted to be saved and really follow what I was learning at Strong Faith Bible Church.


It was the first time ever, a man of God spoke of life and how God wanted us to live it, what God had for us, how we were healed and then show us the verses straight from the Bible! I believe it was 3-4 times after attending, I walked to the front and was saved. I felt something come over me, I was light-headed, I think I passed out because when I came to focus again I was in a chair with a blanket over my legs in a cold sweat. I will never forget the peace and calmness that I felt and have carried ever since that moment.


That week, as my old usual life, I went to meet some friends twice for drinks. Two times I ordered something I always had and it did not taste right, it tasted as if it had chemicals in it. I ended up asking for a fruity drink that I knew would be ok and it was not. It had the same taste of chemicals and something was not right.


The very next Sunday, I mentioned this to Pastor Larry. Prophet Helen was sitting next to him with a smile on her face. I asked, why are you smiling about it and she said, "God just took that taste right out of your mouth didn't he!" She was absolutely right, He had!


I then noticed how the desire that lead me to choose the wrong men was gone. I just had no physical desire for that type of intimacy and absolutely no desire to drink and still don't.


God brought me to this wonderful life through the path of Strong Faith Bible Church and I am forever grateful! I have so many testimonies that I would have never had if it wasn't for me walking through that door to God!


Come see how your life will change, I promise you it will! ~ Terry


Because of you, our faithful members and partners, Strong Faith Bible Church and Larry Elder Ministries have been able to use God’s anointed Word to bring many lives to Christ.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support, which help us deliver the power of the Gospel throughout the earth. You are making a difference!

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